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Product Consulting, Toys Safety directive
  1. What is Toys Safety directive?
    This Directive applies to toys, i.e. any product or material designed or clearly intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.

    It lays down the safety criteria or "essential requirements" which toys must meet during manufacture and before being placed on the market.

    the packaging of an item may give an indication of the intended purpose of the item but should not on its own be taken as conclusive

    It must not be assumed that all items intended for use by children will be toys

    Items (e.g. types of mobiles) which are intended for very young children and which the manufacturer considers could not be 'used in play' by them could be 'used in play' by their older brothers or sisters

    The fact that a relevant national standard does not cover an item - or indeed that such a standard specifically states that it does not cover an item - does not necessarily mean that the item is not a toy for the purpose of the Regulations

    An item may be a toy as well as having another function

    There will be some products (e.g. toy steam engines) which might be regarded as toys but are specifically excluded from the definition of toy in the Regulations

    Any label or statement on, or with, an item indicating that it is not a toy, or is not intended for anyone under 14 years, would not necessarily be regarded as conclusive by enforcement authorities

  2. Why certification for Toys Safety directive?

  3. What is the purpose of Toys Safety directive?
    The Directive is intended to provide a common standard for the safety of toys throughout the whole of the EEA. All toys which are sold within the EEA are required to meet the requirements of the Directive, and may be sold without subject to further local legal controls so long as they are legitimately CE marked.

  4. Which product can go for Toys Safety directive?
    • Plush toys
    • Motor-operated toys
    • Electronic toys
    • Remote-control toys

  5. Step to achieve Toys Safety directive

  6. What are the advantage of Toys Safety Directive?

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