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Product Consulting, Simple pressure vessels directive
  1. What is simple pressure vessels directive?
    Simple pressure vessels are vessels which are intended to contain air or nitrogen at a gauge pressure greater than 0.5 bar but less than or equal to 30 bar and not intended to be exposed to heat. They must be manufactured in series production and be of welded steel or aluminum construction with a total pressure. volume product not exceeding 10,000 bar.litres. The Directive categorizes vessels according to their stored energy, expressed in terms of the product of maximum working pressure in bar and its capacity in litres (PS.V). Different provisions apply to each category of vessel. Category A consists of vessels whose PS.V is more than 50 bar. litres, and is divided into 3 subcategories. Category B consists of vessels whose PS.V is 50 bar. litres or

    The safety requirements for a vessel in Category A are that it meets the essential safety requirements outlined in Annex 1 of the Directive, it has 'safety clearance, the CE marking and the other specified information is shown on the vessel and it is provided with appropriate instructions. The safety requirements for a vessel in Category B are that It is manufactured in accordance with engineering practice recognized as sound in an EEA State and it bears the specified inscriptions (but not the CE marking). Safety clearance' is the terminology used in the UK Regulations to refer to the successful involvement of a Notified Body. Both category A and B equipment must carry certain markings, however these differ between the categories.

  2. Why certification for simple pressure vessels directive?

  3. What is the purpose of simple pressure vessels directive?
    Directive 87/404/EEC, the Simple Pressure Vessels Directive, is one of a series of measures intended to create a single European market in which the technical requirements for goods are identical, thus allowing manufacturers easy access to a market with a spending power greater than that of the Yen or the Dollar, and consumers with similar economies of scale.

    The purpose of the SPVD is to provide for a legal structure whereby certain types of pressure vessel can be manufactured and sold throughout the European community without having to go through a local approval regime in every member state. The means by which this is achieved is to ensure common standards of safety for all such vessels sold within the European Economic Area. Manufacturers are therefore able to meet the requirements for approval in any member state of the EU, and do not have to repeat the process when selling goods in any other state.

    In most cases, clearly, manufacturers will have their vessels approved in their home state. Manufacturers outside of the EU may also have approvals and test work undertaken at their own factory (and in many cases this is obligatory) but responsibility for compliance with the requirements of the directive will ultimately rest on the person responsible for placing the product on the market within the EU.

  4. What is Notified Body for simple pressure vessels directive?

  5. Step to achieve simple pressure vessels directive?

  6. Which product can go for simple pressure vessels directive?
    • The directive affects manufacturers of items such as vessels pressurized
    • Storage Containers
    • Heat exchangers
    • Steam generators
    • Boilers
    • Industrial piping
    • Process industries (oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber and the food and beverage industry)
    • High temperature process industry (glass, paper and board)
    • Energy Production and in the supply of utilities
    • Heating, air conditioning
    • Gas storage
    • Transportation
  7. What are the advantage of simple pressure vessels directive?

  8. Important links for simple pressure vessels directive
    • http://www.conformance.co.uk/
    • http://www.tuv.com/aus/
    • http://www.export.gov/

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