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Systems Consulting, Environment Certification
RC 14001

1. What is RC 14001?

There’s a new environmental management system in town: Responsible Care®- 14001 (RC14001). RC14001 was created by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) to help chemical and petrochemical companies receive recognition for incorporating health and safety, product stewardship, environmental quality and outreach communications into their quality management programs

Businesses in the chemical and allied industries with existing management systems are the most natural candidates for RC-14001. By upgrading existing Responsible Care® programs to RC-14001, companies can add depth, rigor, and credibility to their existing programs. Conversely, by upgrading existing ISO 14001 EMSs to RC-14001, organizations can add accountability and breadth to their respective management system.

An American Chemistry Council initiative. The purpose is to take care of the stakeholders in a responsible manner. It includes implementation of seven codes

  • Community Awareness and Emergency Response
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Distribution
  • Process Safety
  • Product Stewardship, and
  • Security
2. Which organizations can implement RC 14001?
Responsible Care® was launched in 1988 as the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) comprehensive Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHS&S) performance improvement initiative. It incorporates progressive principles and flexible management practices which allow members and partners to tailor the initiative to most effectively meet their needs.

The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) has established a framework for chemical manufacturing companies to adopt and implement global Responsible Care® core principles. National chemical industry associations are working with the ICCA to ensure the continuous improvement of EHS&S in their countries

European associations have pledged to adopt this framework and some have drafted a national specification already, and certain of these insist on their members seeking third-party verification of their management systems. Over the coming years it is expected that the remaining national associations in Europe and Asia will follow suit

3. What are the Advantages of implementing RC 14001?
Depending on your national chemical industry association’s interpretation of the Responsible Care® core principles, your company might be required to verify or certify to either the RCMS® technical standard or the RC14001® technical standard
  • Establishes your company’s health and safety, security and environmental credentials with a certificate based on an international standard and accepted by a broad spectrum of organizations worldwide
  • Demonstrates you comply with the relevant regulations
  • Demonstrates innovation and a forward thinking approach to customers and employees
  • Increases your access to new customers and business partners
  • Improves your health, safety, security and environmental risk management
  • Potentially reduces your public liability insurance costs
  • Encourages you to continually improve your management system using regular third-party audits to drive new initiative
  • sLegal compliance
  • Stakeholder communication and feedback mechanism
  • Consideration of stakeholders concerns in organization’s decisions
  • Preparation to prevent and mitigate potential accidents and incidents
  • Enhanced physical security
  • Enhanced information security
  • Prevention of security incidents
  • Demonstration of commitment towards stakeholders
  • Team work
  • Reduced cost
  • Lesser insurance premium
  • Better crisis management
  • Sales tool
  • ride


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