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Product Consulting, Marine equipment
  1. What is Marine equipment?
    The Marine Equipment Directive (96/98/EC) applies to any ship flying the flag of an EU member state. It encompasses a vast array of equipment, covering all aspects of a ship’s safety.

  2. Why certification for Marine Equipments ?

  3. What are the Benefit of Marine Equipments ?
    • A dedicated MED team to support you through every step of the certification process
    • Our understanding of the commercial realities under which you operate mean we aim o help you achieve MED compliance
    • With the fastest possible speed to market our ultimate and mutual goal

  4. Which product can go for Marine Equipments ?
    • LSA (lifeboats, launching ap).
    • MPP (Oil filtering eq., sewage treatment).
    • FIRE (A B Class div, non combustible materials and surface coverings).
    • NAV (Radars and Radars with EPA).
    • RAD (406 MHz SARSAT and MF/HF radio).

  5. What is the purpose of marine Equipments?
    • The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) covers certain statutory equipment carried and used on ships registered under the flags of the Member States of the European Union (including Norway and Iceland) and which are required to meet certain IMO Conventions.
    • The purpose of the directive is "? to enhance safety at sea and the prevention of marine pollution through the uniform application of relevant international instruments?" MED Article1

  6. What is Notified Body for MED ?
    • A Notified Body is an organization that has been nominated by a member Government and Notified by the European Commission. A Notified Body will be nominated based on designated requirements, such as knowledge, experience, independence and resources to conduct the conformity assessments.
    • we are a Notified Body for MED conformity assessment. In fact, as a Notified Body for 17Directives altogether, BSI Product Services offers one of the most comprehensive certification services in the world.
    • Equipment that requires conformity assessment includes:
    • Life-saving appliances
    • Marine-pollution prevention
    • Fire protection
    • Navigation equipment
    • Radio-communication equipment

  7. What are the advantage of marine equipments

  8. Certification Procedure for marine equipments
  9. The products covered by the Directive are listed in Annex A of the Directive, which also refers to the test method(s) that apply for each product. A Declaration of Conformity by the manufacturer is not sufficient: the manufacturer must have the product tested and approved by a third-party Notified Body, confirming that the product and its manufacturer's inspection systems meet the requirements of the Directive. The Directive contains a series of modules, that define various ways (see the diagram below) in which conformity (compliance) can be demonstrated. Manufacturers are free to choose the certification procedure that best suits them or the product, in accordance with the alternatives given in Annex A of the Directive.

    Certificates have a validity of five years, although there are requirements for regular surveillance of manufacturing inspection or of the company's quality management system.

    All Notified Bodies for the Marine Directive within the EU are members of a common organization, gives details of all documents and lists of all certified products: at present, over 10 000 products are certified.

    Manufacturers who are interested in using the services of SP as a Notified Body should contact the undersigned or their usual contact person

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