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Product Consulting, Low Voltage Directive
  1. What is Low Voltage Directive?
    The Low Voltage Directive is the oldest of the New Approach Directives and deals with the safety of electrical apparatus. It applies to all apparatus running on (or generating) an electrical supply in the range 50 - 1000 volts a. c. or between 75 and 1500 volts d. c..
    There are a small number of exclusions from this Directive, which are generally products covered by more specific directives.

    The Directive has both administrative and protective requirements. Administrative requirements include CE marking the product, completing a Declaration of Conformity and compiling a Technical File.

    Protection requirements are generally satisfied by assessing the products compliance to various standards. Compliance to the Low Voltage Directive can be self-certified without the need for a notified body.

  2. Why certification for Low Voltage Directive ?

  3. What is the purpose of Low Voltage Directive?
    The Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC is one a series of measures introduced under Article 100a of the Treaty of Rome. Article 100a directives all have the primary objective of creating a single European market in goods and services with the objective of providing producers and consumers with the benefits of economies of scale that this offers.
    The effect of the Directive has been to introduce identical requirements for the design and certification safety of electrical products in every country within the European Economic Area (EEA).

  4. Which product can go for Low Voltage Directive ?
    • Nominal ac-voltage between 50V
    • 1000V (or a dc-voltage between 75V and 1500V).."
    • KWh-meters,
    • Plugs
    • Sockets
    • Elevator-installations.
    • Electrical appliances and hand-held electrically driven tools,
    • Lighting equipment including ballasts,
    • Switch gear and control gear,
    • Electric wiring,
    • Appliance couplers and cord sets,
    • Electrical installation equipment, and
    • Cable management systems.

  5. Step to achieve Low Voltage Directive

  6. What can a Notified Body report provide?
    The notified body will examine the product and the supporting documentation such as test results and technical data and give an opinion on the compliance of the product with the Safety Objectives of the LVD. Although this report is not mandatory and the manufacturer is at liberty to self-certify without such a report, there may be circumstances, for example where ENs or other standards have not been applied, when it would be prudent for the manufacturer to seek such a professional second opinion, in order to have a higher degree of confidence in the safety of the product and to demonstrate due diligence.

  7. What are the advantage of Low Voltage Directive ?

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