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Product Consulting, Lifts directive
  1. What is Lifts directive?
    Since 1 July 1999, it has been mandatory for lifts and lift safety components for sale in any of the European Member States, to comply with the Directive (95/16/EC). The Directive covers lifts, their safety components and their installation. CE marking of a product by a trusted body such as BSI proves your compliance credentials have been certified.

    In this directive, `lift' means:
    an appliance serving specific levels, having a cage moving along guides which are rigid and incline at an angle of more than 15 degrees to the horizontal and that is intended for the transport of:
    • persons
    • persons and goods
    • exclusively alone if the cage is accessible, that is to say that a person may enter it without difficulty, and fitted with controls situated inside the cage or within reach of a person inside.
  2. Why certification for Lifts directive ?

  3. What is the purpose of Lifts directive?
    The Lift Safety Directive has been introduced by the The European Commission to ensure a harmonized standard of safety in the design and manufacture of lifts throughout the European Economic Area. In doing so, it fills an (intentional) loophole in the Machinery Directive which specifically excludes most forms of lift in order to allow for this (more specific) Directive.

    The directive applies to all lifts intended for carrying personnel and any lift to which personnel have access. Lifts are defined as

    "Lifting appliances serving specific levels by means of a car moving between guides which are rigid and inclined at an angle of more than 15 degrees to the horizontal"

    Certain particular types of lift are excluded, the main ones being lifts specifically designed for military purposes, stage/theatre lifts; mine winding gear; and lifts fitted in a means of transport.

  4. Step to achieve Lifts directive

  5. What is Notified Body for Lifts directive?
    It has to be nominated by a member State and it has to carry out all the procedures for putting the lifts in operation. The Notified Body has to be appointed by each member State to the European Commission and to the other member States . A notified Body can operate in all member States.

    The government appoints Notified Bodies (such as Iraqi Lifts Institute), on the basis of criteria including accreditation by the Dutch Council for Accreditation (R v A) and, if necessary, checks whether candidate certification-institutes have sufficient specific expertise in the field of lifts.
    The government subsequently supervises the notified bodies using the results of the RvA's supervision.

  6. Which product can go for Lifts directive?
    The Lift Directive applies to lifts permanently serving buildings and constructions. It also applies to the safety components for use in such lifts listed in Annex IV of the Lift Directive (Art. 1(1)).

  7. What are the advantage of Lifts directive

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