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Product Consulting, Explosives for civil use directive
  1. What is Explosives for civil use directive?
    This Directive concerns explosives for civilian use. It is based on the principles of the “New Approach to Technical Harmonization and Standards”. In line with this new approach, the placing on the market and the supervision of explosives for civilian use are subject to essential safety requirements.

  2. Why certification for Explosives for civil use directive?

  3. Which product can go for Explosives for civil use directive?
    • Motor
    • Vehicles,
    • lifts,
    • Household appliances,
    • Pressure equipment,
    • Measuring instruments,
    • Cableway
    • Installations,
    • Electrical materials,
    • Textiles footwear,
    • Other machinery,
    • Agricultural
    • Forestry tractors etc.

  4. Step to achieve Explosives for civil use directive
    A choice can be made from the following two procedures for the attestation of the
    • EC type-examination (Module B) by a Notified Body followed at the choice of the manufacturer with a conformity assessment with the approved type on basis of
      either : The standard quality assessment (Module C) by the manufacturer himself;
    • A certified production quality assurance procedure (Module D);
    • A certified product quality assurance procedure (Module E);
    • A product verification of samples of manufactured batches by the Notified Body
      (Module F).
    • Unit verification by the Notified Body who assesses the conformity of each individual product with the fundamental requirements on design and manufacturing aspects
      (Module G).

  5. What are the advantage of Explosives for civil use directive

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