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Product Consulting, Construction Products Directives
  1. What is a construction products directives?
    The Construction Products Directive (CPD) is one of the ‘New Approach’ directives that aim to create a single European market by removing the technical barriers to trade between Member States through the use of harmonized standards and approvals.

    The directive applies to all construction products that are produced for, or incorporated within, building and civil engineering construction works. It harmonizes all construction products subject to regulatory controls for CE marking purposes

    This directive is primarily concerned with the safety of constructions and lays essential performance criteria for building under six headings; Mechanical resistance and stability, Safety in case of fire, Hygiene health and environment, Safety in use, Protection against noise and Energy economy including heat retention.

  2. Why certification for construction products directives?

  3. Which product can go for construction products directives ?
    construction safety equipment,
    construction safety programs
    construction works such as buildings or civil engineering works.

  4. What is the purpose of contraction products directives?
    primary function of the Directive is to ensure the safety of constructions in all countries of the European Economic Area. The Directive lays down certain essential performance criteria for buildings under six general headings:
    • Mechanical resistance and stability
    • Safety in case of fire
    • Hygiene, health and the environment
    • Safety in use
    • Protection against noise
    • Energy economy and heat retention
  5. Construction Products CE Marking procedures
    Only construction products that comply with the national standards transposing the harmonized standards into a European technical approval or,

    In the absence of such approvals, into national technical specifications complying with the essential standards are eligible to bear the "CE" marking.

    This will ensure that all construction works bearing the "CE" marking satisfy the essential require
    Among these products are : construction products, simple pressure vessels, personal protective equipment, toys, telecommunications terminal equipment, hot-water boilers, electrical equipment, etc.

    Construction products meeting the requirements of the harmonized European Standard or the European Technical Approval Guideline receive the well known CE marking.

    This CE marking is an indication that the product complies with the essential requirements of the Construction Products Directive and that the product have been subject to a conformity assessment procedure provided in the directive.

    The member states are obliged to take appropriate measures to protect the CE marking.

  6. Construction products Essential requirements
    The products must be suitable for construction works which as a whole and in their separate parts are fit for their intended use. The construction products must satisfy the following essential requirements where the works are subject to regulations containing such requirements:
    • Mechanical resistance and stability
      The construction works must be designed and built in such a way that the loadings that are liable to act on it during its construction and use will not lead to collapse, inadmissible deformations or damage.
    • Safety in case of fire
    • In the event of an outbreak of fire the load-bearing capacity must remain for a period of time, the generation and spread of fire and smoke must be limited and the safety of rescue teams must be taken into consideration.
    • Hygiene, health and the environment
    • The construction works must be designed and built in such a way that it will not be a threat to the hygiene or health of the occupants or neighbours, in particular as a result of any of the following:
    • the giving-off of toxic gas
    • the presence of dangerous particles or gases in the air
    • the emission of dangerous radiation
    • pollution or poisoning of the water or soil
    • faulty elimination of waste water, smoke, solid or liquid wastes
    • the presence of damp in parts of the works or on surfaces within the works
    • Safety in use
    • The works may not present unacceptable risks of accidents in service such as slipping, falling ,collision, burns, electrocution, injury from explosion.
    • Protection against noise
    • Noise perceived by the occupants or people nearby has to be kept down to a level that will not threaten their health and will allow them to sleep, rest and work in satisfactory conditions.
    • Energy economy and heat retention
    • The construction works and its heating, cooling and ventilation installations must be designed and
      built in such a way that the amount of energy required in use shall be low, having regard to the
      climatic conditions of the location and the occupants

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