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Product Consulting, CCC Mark
  1. What is CCC?
    The CCC mark is the new compulsory Safety & Quality mark for many products sold on the Chinese market. CCC Mark became effective on the May 1, 2002. It is the result of the recent integration of China's two compulsory inspection systems (one to check contents of products for import and export, and the other for quality control) into a single procedure. The new CCC mark replaces the two old marks, namely CCIB and CCEE used in the two old inspection systems.

    Two Old Systems Overlap
    The two old systems overlap with each other in many aspects. Since they belong to two different State administrations, each does not admit those enterprises that have gone through the other.

    The two systems carry different national quality standards, this has caused a great deal of inconvenience for enterprises, especially for those dealing in both the domestic market and foreign trade.

    What's more, imported products have to go through the two similar, but independent, systems: while entering China, they should be examined in accordance with the system of inspection and quarantine authority, and to be allowed to be sold on the Chinese markets, the authentication of the quality supervision authority is a necessity.

    In August 2001, China´s State Council pushed for the previous two independent quality supervision authorities and quarantine authority to become the ministerial-level State General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine. This has thus paved the way for combining the two systems.

    The newly established China National Regulatory Commission for Certification and Accreditation is in charge of all matters concerning certification and accreditation.

  2. Why CCC marking?
    The CCC Mark is required for products in 19 groups divided into totally 132 product categories

    According to Chinese laws and Regulation for Compulsory Product Certification, the Compulsory Product Certification System is applied to products related to human life and health, animals, plants, environmental protection and national security. Any product covered by the Catalogue should acquire the CCC mark before it can be marketed, imported or used for any commercial purposes in China

    Starting on May 1, 2003, imported products without CCC mark may be held at the border by Chinese Customs and subject to other penalties. Component parts of a manufacturer's finished products may in some cases require CCC certification; in these cases, the component manufacturer is generally required to apply for the CCC mark.

  3. Which products can go for CCC ?
    • EWC- Electrical Wires and Cables (5 categories)
      • Cord sets
      • Flexible rubber-sheathed cables for mining purposes
      • Insulated cables (wires) for railway vehicles of rated voltage up to and including 3kV
      • Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V
      • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V

    • SCIPCD- Switches for Circuits, Installation Protective and Connection Device(6 categories)
      • Appliance couplers (household and similar purposes, industrial purpose)
      • Plugs and socket-outlets (household and similar purposes, industrial purpose)
      • Thermal-links
      • Cartridge fuse-links of miniature fuse
      • Switches fixed electrical installations for household and similar purposes
      • Enclosures for accessories fixed electrical installations for household and similar purposes

    • LVEA- Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus (9 categories)
      • Residual current protective devices
      • Circuit-breakers (including RCCB, RCBO, MCB)
      • Fuses
      • Low-voltage switchers (disconnectors, switch-disconnectors, and fuse-combination units)
      • Other protective equipment for circuits
        (current limiting devices, circuits protective devices, over current protective devices, thermal protectors, over load relays, low-voltage electromechanical contactors and motor starters)
      • Relays (voltage above 36V, up to and including 1000V)
      • Other switches
        (switches for appliances, vacuum switches, pressure switches, proximity switches, foot switches, thermal sensitive switches, hydraulic switches, push-button switches, Position limit switches, Micro-gap switches, two direction switches, temperature sensitive switches, travel switches, change–over switches, auto-change-over switches, knife switches)
      • Other devices
        (contactors, motor starters, indicator lights, auxiliary contact assemblies, master controllers, A.C. Semiconductor motor controllers and starters)
      • Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies

    • SPM- Small Power Motors (1 category)
      • Small power motors

    • ET- Electric Tools (16 categories)
      • Drills (include impact drills)
      • Screwdrivers and impact wrenches
      • Electric grinders
      • Sander
      • Circular saws
      • Electric hammers (electric pickax)
      • Spray guns for non-flammable liquid
      • Electric scissors (electric scissors for double-edged blades, electric impact scissors )
      • Electric tapping machine
      • Reciprocating saws (jig saw and sabre saws)
      • Internal Concrete vibrators
      • Electric chain saws
      • Electric planer
      • Electric hedge trimmer and Electric grass shears
      • Electric routers and Edge trimmer
      • Electric stone cutters (including Marble cutters)

    • WM- Welding Machines (15 categories)
      • Portable A.C. arc welding machines
      • A.C. Arc welding machines
      • D.C. Arc welding machines
      • TIG welding machine
      • MIG/MAG welding machines
      • Submerged arc welding machines
      • Plasma arc cutting machines
      • Plasma arc welding equipment
      • Electric shock protective devices for arc welding transformer
      • Coupling devices for welding cables
      • Resistance welding machines
      • Wire feeder for welder
      • TIG welding blow lamp
      • MIG/MAG welding torches
      • Electrode holders

    • HSUA- Household and Similar Use Appliances (18 categories)
      • Household refrigerators and food freezers:
        with the effective volume under 500L, household and similar use with/without frozen compartment, frozen food storage cabinet, freezer and their combination;
      • Electric fans:
        electric fans with single-phase alternate current and direct current for household and similar use;
      • Air-conditioners:
        the refrigeration shall not be exceed 21000 cal/ h for household and similar use;
      • Motor-compressors (input power should be under 5000W):
        sealed motor-compressors (hermetic and semi-hermetic type) for air-conditioners and freezing appliances for household and similar use;
      • Household washing machines:
        washing machines with/without the devices of water heating, spinning extraction and drying;
      • Storage water heaters:
        including fixed storage water heaters and instantaneous water heater, heating water to a temperature below its boiling point;
      • Room heaters:
        radiant heaters, panel heaters, liquid-filled radiators, fan heaters, convector heaters, tubular heaters for household and similar purposes;
      • Vacuum cleaners:
        vacuum cleaners having the functions of suction dust or liquid, driven by either series or D.C. motors;
      • Appliances for skin and hair care:
        appliances with electric heating components for skin and hair care of both human and animals;
      • Electric irons:
        electric dry irons and steam irons for household and similar purpose;
      • Electromagnetic cookers:
        electromagnetic heating kitchen appliance which may contain electromagnetic heating components single hob or hobs for household or similar purpose;
      • Roasters:
        including rated volume not over 10L roasters, toasters, waffle irons, and similar appliances for household or similar purpose;
      • Electric food processors:
        household food preparation machines and similar multiple-use food preparation machines;
      • Microwave ovens:
        household appliances for heating food and beverages using electromagnetic energy in one or more of the I.S.M. frequency bands OVER 300 MHz . These appliances may also incorporate a browning or steaming functions;
      • Cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and similar appliances:
        including household cooking ranges , stationary electric ovens, hobs, stationary cooking ranges, hob elements, grills and griddles, induction ovens and grills;
      • Range hoods:
        electric range hoods installing above household cooking ranges, hobs and similar cooking appliances, with fans, lights and controllers;
      • Appliances for heating liquids and Water dispensers;
      • Electric rice cookers:
        automatic heat-preservation or timer electric rice cooker with heating components.

    • AVA- Audio and Video Apparatus (excluding the acoustics apparatus for broadcasting service and automobiles) (16 categories)
      • Active loud speaker system having single or multiple speaker with the max. output sound power under 500W (R.M.S.)
      • Audio power amplifier
      • Tuners
      • Radio receivers
      • Recorders, players, dealers for audio and video with kinds of carrier, media (including kinds of carrier of cassette tape and laser disc )
      • Combining above sound/vision apparatus
      • Power adapters for audio/video products
      • Color television receivers with all kinds of display types
      • Display monitors (not including television receivers for automobiles)
      • B/W television receivers and other monochrome television receivers
      • Picture/display tubes
      • Video recorders
      • Satellite television receivers
      • Electronic organs
      • Antenna amplifiers
      • Equipment and components for cable distribution systems of sound and television signals.

    • ITE- Information Technology Equipment (12 categories)
      • Personal computers (PC)
      • Portable personal computers
      • Display units connected with computer
      • Printers connected with computer
      • Multiplying printer & coping machines
      • Scanners
      • Switching power supply units for computer and adapters, chargers
      • Computer game players
      • Learning machine
      • Duplicators
      • Servers
      • Finance and trade settlement equipment

    • LA- Lighting Apparatus (excluding the lighting apparatus with voltage lower than 36V) (2 categories)
      • Luminaries
      • Ballasts.

    • TTE- Telecommunication Terminal Equipment (9 categories)
      • Fixed telephone terminal:
        Common telephone set, CID telephone set, Card Management Telephone set, Answering Machine Telephone set, Coin pay-phone set, Intelligent Card Telephone set, IC Card Public Telephone set, Hands-free Telephone set, Digital Telephone set, Additional Device of telephone set.
      • Cordless telephone terminal:
        Analogue Cordless telephone set, Digital Cordless telephone set.
      • Key-Phone system:
        Key-phone system, Telephone Conference Exchange.
      • Facsimile machine:
        Fax machine, Voice/Fax Card, Fax machine with multi-functions.
      • Modem:
        Voice-band Modem, Base-band Modem, DSL Modem, including card.
      • Mobile Terminal:
        Analogue Mobile Station, GSM Digital Cell Mobile Station (including handset and other terminal), CDMA Digital Cell Mobile Station (including handset and other terminal)
      • ISDN Terminal:
        NT1, NT1+ TA(including card)
      • Data Terminal:
        Storing/Transmitting Fax/Voice card, POS terminal, Interface Transformer, Network Hub, Other Data Terminal.
      • Multimedia Terminal:
        Video Phone, Conference System, VOD Terminal, Other Multimedia Terminal.

    • MVSP- Motor Vehicles and Safety Parts (4 categories)
      • Automobiles: Motor vehicles of Categories M, N, O.
      • Motorcycles. Motor Vehicle Parts:
        • Safety belts
        • Motorcycle engines.
    • MVT- Motor Vehicle Tyres (3 categories)
      • Automobile Tyres:
        Passenger car tyres (Passenger car radial ply tyre, Passenger car diagonal tyre.)
        Truck tyres: Ult-light Truck tyres, Light Truck tyres, Medium/heavy Truck tyres.
      • Motorcycle Tyres:
        Motorcycle Tyre (Code indicating series, Metric system series, Light type series, Scooter series.)

    • SG- Safety Glasses (3 categories)
      • Safety Glass for Road Vehicle: Laminated Glass A, Laminated Glass B, Zone-Tempered Glass and Tempered Glass.
      • Safety Glass for Building: Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass.
      • Safety Glass for Railway Rolling Stock: Laminated Glass, tempered Glass, Insulated Safety Glass.

    • AM- Agricultural Machinery (1 category)
      • Equipment for Crop Protection:
        Motorized or Manual Liquid Knapsack sprayer, Motorized or Manual Powder Knapsack sprayer, Motorized Liquid and Powder Knapsack sprayer.

    • LP- Latex Products (1 category)
      • Rubber Condoms.

    • MD- Medical Devices (7 categories)
      • Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment
      • Haemodialysis Equipment
      • Hollow Fiber Dialysers
      • Extra-corporeal Blood Circuit for Blood Purification Equipment
      • Electrocardiographs
      • Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers
      • Artificial Heart-Lung Machine.

    • FFP- Fire Fighting Products (3 categories)
      • Fire Alarm equipment :
        Point Type Smoke Fire Detectors, Heat Sensitive Point Fire Detectors, Fire Alarm control Units, Control for Fire Protection Equipment, Manual Fire Alarm Button.
      • Fire Hose : Lined Fire Hose, Wet Fire Hose.
      • Sprinkler Extinguishment Equipment :
        Sprinkler, Wet System Alarm Valves, Water Flow Indicator, Fire Pressure Switch.

    • DIAS- Detectors for Intruder Alarm Systems (1 category)
      • Detectors for Intruder Alarm Systems:
        Microwave Doppler detectors for use in building, Active infrared intrusion detectors, Passive infra-red detectors for use in building, Combination microwave and passive infrared intrusion detector.
  4. Step to achieve CCC mark
    Start the application process early
    • A marketing brochure or data sheet describing the product (what it is, what it does, and what it looks like)
    • A photograph of the product
    • A list of all components or materials used in the product, including the manufacturers' names, model or catalogue designations, electrical ratings (if applicable), and CCC file numbers (if applicable)
    • Indication of any other approvals either already received or being pursued.
    • Any alternate materials or components that might be used in manufacturing
    • Schematic and/or wiring diagrams, if this is an electrical or electronic product
    • The model or catalogue numbers to be covered by this certification, and the similarities and differences between models
    • The full name and address of all facilities where the product will be assembled, and a contact person for each facility.

    We understand that this product information is one of your company's most valued assets, and our reputation rests on maintaining the confidentiality of the information you provide.

    Netpeckers will respond promptly to your submission with a reference number, fixed fee, schedule, sampling requirements.

    Starting on the 1st of August 2003, exported products to the People's Republic of China without CCC mark may be held at the border by Chinese Customs and subject to other penalties.

    Self-assessment Prior To Application For CCC Certification

    Products applied for CCC certification must conform to Chinese standards and/or other additional technical requirements.

    The CCC system is based on the Chinese GB Standards, GB stands for "Guo Biao" in Chinese which means literally "National Standards".

    Because the testing and assessment for the CCC conformity system is based on the mandatory Chinese "GB Standards" and the CCC application may take several months to be completed, it can certainly save both time and money for the non-Chinese manufacturers to make a self-assessment, on the design-level, of their products against the Chinese GB Standards

    Which are Authorized Certification Bodies ?
    Application for the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) must be submitted to one Authorized Certification Body (ACB) by the manufacturer itself or its authorized consultant/agent.

    Submit to the Authorized Certification Body
    Holders of Old CCIB and/or CCEE Certification Up on application, the holders of the old CCIB and/or CCEE Certifications are entitled to exchange their valid old certifications for the new CCC certifications. The application for exchanging the certification can be submitted by the manufacturer itself or its authorized consultant/agent

  5. What are the advantage of having CCC?
  6. The CCC Mark serves as evidence that covered products can be marketed, imported or used in China. When using the mark, the certificate holder must abide by the Regulations for the Compulsory Product Certification Mark.
    The government of China has introduced a new safety license system. The new system requires manufacturers in 132 product categories to obtain the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) mark before exporting to or selling in the China market

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