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BS 25999-2 : 2007

What is BS 25999-2 : 2007 ?

BS 25999 is a Business Continuity Management (BCM) standard in two parts.

The first, "BS 25999-1:2006 Business Continuity Management. Code of Practice", takes the form of general guidance and seeks to establish processes, principles and terminology for Business Continuity Management.

The second, "BS 25999-2:2007 Specification for Business Continuity Management", specifies requirements for implementing, operating and improving a documented Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), describing only requirements that can be objectively and independently audited.

A useful means of understanding the difference between the two is Part 1 is a guidance document and uses the term 'should', Part 2 is an independently verifiable specification that uses the word 'shall'

Certification (independent verification) to this standard is available from accredited certification bodies, LRQA and BSI and is a multi stage process usually involving a number of initial assessment visits. The assessor will then make a recommendation that the organization receive certification or not. After initial certification a number of surveillance visits are made to ensure that the organization is still in compliance.

Which organizations can implement BS 25999-2: 2007 ?

  • IT & Multinational Companies
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Software development organizations
  • Telecom companies
  • Retail chains
  • Call centres
  • Any organization or industry who cannot afford loss of business continuity
Advantages of implementing BS 25999-2:2007 (Business Continuity Management System)
  • Identification of critical products and services of organization
  • Provides a business foresight to the organization and top management
  • Middle management gets a powerful tool to combat any short term or long term business disruptions

Continual improvements and learning for the organization in terms of business continuity

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